Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's a sad day when you realize that all of your exciting travel posts are on past trips. But not to worry, I have so many amazing trips in the early planning stages... it's kind of overwhelming. But for the near future, I'll have to settle for revisiting the past.

One of my friends has a good chance of visiting Portugal in the near future (I don't want to jinx it! but I really hope so), and the mere thought of such a trip has plunged me into a feverish nostalgia. After all, Portugal is one of my favorite countries, and one of the few places that I would really love to live, outside of California. That's a pretty amazing statement, given that I've only spent about a week there, but sometimes you just know.

Anyways, the whole process set me into a frenzy, and I spent hours googling for recipes, nearby Portuguese restaurants and bakeries, and staring at pictures. I figured that this was supposed to be the major advantage of Los Angeles, right? The diverse array of food and culture? I might as well take advantage of it.

I had a whole plan: to find pasteis de nata, the delicious custard tart that is everywhere in Portugal, and to create a mouthwatering blog post that would surely encourage someone to hope a plane the next day. If not to Portugal, then to Los Angeles, or some bakery somewhere. After all, food is a major component of travel, right?

Alas, Los Angeles won this round, as I got lost trying to find the bakery (which was not close, nor convenient). Then when I arrived, none were ready for another hour! A classic fail moment. So while I haven't forgotten my quest for these tasty treats, a few pictures of Portugal will have to suffice until I can finally get to that bakery. Maybe this weekend?

Even though I posted about Lisbon awhile ago, there is always more to say about Portugal. For some reason I have no photos of the weekend in Lagos, in the Algarve. Lagos was the most laid-back place, with no rush or concern. It's the kind of life that reminds you of what really matters--and what really doesn't. Lisbon does too--but in a more urban sort of way.

From Lisbon, we took a day trip to Sintra, a small town with castles and charm. The views made the trek well worth it.

Oh Portugal, how I can't wait to visit you again sometime soon(ish).

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  1. Can't wait!!! Now if I could just magically internalize the Portuguese language...