Monday, October 31, 2011

Atlanta Halloween

I'm not a big fan of Halloween.  I just can't help but roll my eyes at the majority of what passes for costumes and decorations for grownups these days, and the ridiculousness of all those plastic pumpkins in place of carved jack-o-lanterns and the sheer mass of blow up Frankenstein lawn ornaments just makes me nostalgic for childhood... back when I was on the candy receiving, non-judgmental side of things.

My Halloween night this year was spent in Atlanta, a city I have discovered most certainly IS a fan of Halloween.  The decorations are abundant, both throughout the city and within the bounds of each front yard.  Here's a sampling:
Lawn bones
Lawn web

Cute little tree ghosts

Where kitsch goes to... die
Kinda creepy 
Super creepy
See?  There's really a little something for all Halloween tastes in Atlanta!  Unfortunately, only two trick-or-treater tots came to our door, but one asked to kiss my nephew ("Can I kiss your baby?") and the other was Elmo (did everyone see the man who voices Elmo on Jon Stewart the other night?  Amazing!), so clearly it was a quality over quantity situation.

I will totally decorate the socks off my future house if you'll let me live on Berkeley Road, Atlanta!

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  1. I love the elaborate decorations! The giant spider was kind of scary, actually, haha. So sad about the few trick-or-treaters--it's really fun to have a lot!