Sunday, October 30, 2011

Santa Barbara

One of the joys of unemployment is the abundance of free time and energy with which to spend visiting (and chauffeuring) friends.  Since my Peace Corps soul mate lives in Santa Barbara, I recently enjoyed a weeklong stay in one of California’s most beautiful places.

Santa Barbara has so many perks!  Ocean breezes!  Beautiful architecture!  Cute dogs!  Fabulous seafood!  HAPPY HOURS! 

During one of my “alone time” days, I took a long walk to the Santa Barbara Mission, where I lingered on the lawn to both avoid tourists (a favorite pastime) and spend some time reading among the roses.

Did I mention the cute dog?

Being that I am an inland dweller, I never pass up an opportunity for ocean time.  Insert: Ellwood Beach “hike.”  Okay so this was much more of a stroll than anything, but it was gloriously cloudy, spotted with surfers but sparsely anyone else.  Such a lovely visit!

The best part of Santa Barbara = This girl

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