Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Double Rainbow

A few weeks ago I spent my first cloudy (yay not 90˚+ weather!) evening in many months visiting with some friends in Sacramento.  Although I'm in and out of Sacramento pretty frequently, I hadn't been to Capitol Park in a really long time... so long, in fact, that my last memories of the area were probably from the viewpoint of my 4'9" fourth grader self.  Enter my surprise at how pleasant it is!

I love lamppost

A few days later it was on to LA, where against all odds I enjoyed some beautiful views from I-5.

Rainy I-5 all to myself
Double rainbow in Simi Valley
Such loveliness in the most unexpected of places.  Lesson learned: always have a camera ready.


  1. love the lesson learned. it's true, we all need to keep our cameras handy. so many beautiful things!!
    xo TJ

  2. sacramento looks so pretty! and, double rainbow!!!!

  3. wow I love how you always keep your camera ready... it really pays off! And that picture off I-5 is amazing. I always think about pulling over to take a picture, but I never do. inspired!

  4. Yeah I've started realizing that pulling over (in most instances) is the thing to do. You never regret that 60 seconds lost!

  5. Hahaha on second thought, you and Dyan probably would. It'd mess up your finish time ;)