Saturday, October 15, 2011

weekend by the bay?

So there's a chance that I may be in the Bay next weekend with my friend, and I'm so excited by the prospect of my dropping by my favorite spots! One major upside of the potential trip: searching for the perfect elements for my next crafts project at Urban Ore, this amazing Berkeley treasure-filled store. Urban Ore helps the City of Berkeley progress towards its goal of achieving zero waste, by re-selling goods that would normally go to the dump. In this case, it could be just the place to find the perfect wood for my future garden table! Can't wait!

This, combined with a fresh cup of Philz coffee, brunch from Thai Temple and a view of the bay could make for an excellent weekend. *fingers crossed*


  1. This sounds fabulous!! Wish I was around but I have to initiate my Fall Colors tour. :) Do you have an image you're aiming for in your future table, or is it locked safely inside your head?

  2. make it happen, make it happen, make it happen!!!